Plant Care Tips and Tricks

Here is all you need to know about how to take care of your plants when you receive them. Please do follow these care tips in order to successfully acclimate your new plant into your home! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or over on Instagram @perkyplants.theshop, thank you. 


Plants go through shipping stress which may or may not show immediately upon arrival. This is why it is vital to provide the right care for your plants when you receive them. During the first few weeks please keep the humidity up, above 60% is ideal, and good air circulation is a must! Humidity levels of 80% will be beneficial for most of the plants we sell on our site. 

Upon receiving your plants, please open with care to avoid any accidental damage. We do ensure to package our plants in a way that protects them throughout transit, however, we unfortunately have no control over how they're handled once no long in our care. As previously mentioned, shipping stress can occur.  If it appears that your plant has been damaged during shipping, please take photographic evidence of the plant in the box to send to us, we will then discuss how to proceed with you.


Please do not repot or disturb the roots for the first 2 weeks, this will add further stress to the your new plants. Water appropriately to ensure the substrate is lightly moist, also ensuring appropriate drainage. Keep your new plant in indirect bright to medium bright light for the first few weeks.


If you're unhappy with your purchase, please contact us immediately, within 24 hours, by sending an email to with a description of the issues and photos or you can get in touch over on Instagram @perkyplants.theshop.