No longer plastic free?!

We’re making some changes:

We have been thinking long and hard about some of these changes, especially this one in particular.

We are no longer going to be plastic free.

We are disappointed about this, but have our reasons: the carbon footprint created by the biodegradable pots we use is sadly similar to many of the plastic free options out there, it’s big! Way bigger than we want and ultimately, these pots do not last forever. They add to the already huge impact carbon emissions have on our world and are not around for a long enough time to even remotely make up for it.

We therefore have decided to use clear plastic pots from now on. We know plastic has a horrific impact on the planet, but these clear pots can be reused forever and if they break, they can be cleaned and recycled easily, unlike other coloured plants pots.

We sought your advice before making this decision, because your opinions, as our customers matter most. We asked in our stories on Instagram what you all thought about this. The poll between plastic free and clear plastic came back really close, 55% of you voted for clear plastic and 45% voted for plastic free.

The feedback we got from customers who have purchased plants in the biodegradable pots ranged from positive (nice aesthetic, sturdy) to negative (holds too much water, broke easily).

The responses we got for the potential introduction of clear pots was overall very positive; lots of you love having plants in clear plastic, it allows for root checking without disrupting the plant, you enjoy seeing the roots grow and develop, some of you said you prefer the aesthetic of clear pots. Many of you confirmed you would reuse the clear pots over and over again. The only negative was that they're plastic.

As we said we are disappointed to be moving away from the biodegradable pots and if a more sustainable, longer lasting version of them is created we will for sure look into it but for now we will be introducing the clear plastic pots and if we’re honest about it, we are quite excited about this change!

We do love seeing the roots and as a seller it is reassuring to see the healthy roots before we ship our plants off to you! Obviously, we make sure to only ship off healthy plants, but we don’t want to disturb their roots right before shipping to you! So to be able to see their roots and know they’re healthy is reassuring for us and we imagine it will be for you too 🥰

We will of course be using all of the biodegradable pots we have left and will start introducing the clear plastic ones as and when we run out of the different sizes of plastic free pots. Therefore, for the time being there may be plants in both biodegradable pots and clear plastic pots available on our site.

We hope you understand our decision, we will continue to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as we can be when it comes to the consumption of products for our shop. All of our packaging will remain plastic free (on occasion we do reuse packaging we have received items in and therefore sometimes there is plastic in our packaging, we do declare this in those packages though). We will continue to take care to dispose of all waste products produced through the shop in the most responsible way possible.

We’ll keep you updated on any other changes we make in the shop ✨

All the planty love,

Amy and Steve

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