Anthurium Crystallinum (small)

Anthurium Crystallinum (small)


The plant you see, is the plant you get :) 

Do I need to say anything? This plant is STUNNING! 

The leaves are a luxurious velvet texture, the silver veining really pops and sparkles against the deep green of the leaves and do I even need to mention the shape?! That gorgeous heart shaped leaf is to die for 

They'll be pretty content in regular household humidity that fluctuates between 40%-60%, but for faster, larger growth higher humidity levels are a must! Like if you can provide humidity levels of 80% or above, you're going to see all the new growth! Bright to medium indirect light is favourable for this lil beauty, and it would rather not be in direct sun light or in a draught or a room that dips below 15 degrees celcius. 

A good chunky, airy soil mix is preferred by this plant and make sure it has adequate drainage! 


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