Anthurium Magnificum x Regale

Anthurium Magnificum x Regale


The plant seen in the photo is the plant you will get when purchasing from this listing

  • The plant

    This Anthurium Magnificum x Anthurium Regale hyrbid is so so stunning. A must for any plant or Anthurium collector!

    The leaf shape and texture is just gorgeous, who doesnt love a heart shaped, velvet leaf?! and the veining is so elegant on this one.

    This beautiful plant will for sure make a statement in your home, the leaves can grow really quite big given the right care, so make sure your prepared for this beauty to turn into a beast!


  • The care

    This Anthurium, like most, love a chunky airy soil.

    It loves high humidity, between 60%-90% is ideal!

    Anthuriums love having a good soaking when it comes to watering, but they don't like their roots to stay wet so make sure that soil is well draining and has lots of additives to it to make it airy and light.


  • The soil

    The soil our plants arrive to you in has been specifically created for them!

    We mix all of our soil and therefore you do not need to worry about repotting for a good while.

    We certainly do not recommend repotting straight away, your new plant needs time to arrive and settle into your home, its new environment. Repotting straight away can cause a great deal of stress to the plant, please wait at least two weeks after arrival before repotting your plant.

  • The pot

    We are stepping away from out eco friendly pots, please read more about that in our blog post which you can find here.

    Whilst we're in the process of moving away from the plastic free pots there will be a mixture of pots on our site. Please note that if you do recieve your plant in a plastic free coco husk or rice hull pot, both of these style of pots are biodegradable and can be reused. Once the pot has reached the end of its life they can be put into your compost bin!

    If you receive your pot in a clear plastic pot please reuse it once your plant needs to move out of it! Or this pot can be recycled in your curb side pick up plastic recycling.

  • How long have we had this plant?

    Here at Perky Plants, we want to be open and honest about how long our plants are with us before they move on.

    We keep all of our plants for atleast 4 weeks after they arrive with us.

    This gives the plant time to settle into life in the UK, to settle into its new pot and substrate, to acclimate to a similar environment it will be in once it arrives with you.

    Some plants hang out here with us for longer than 4 weeks, if a plant isnt ready to move on we're not going list it on our site!

    This Anthurium Magnificum x Regale has been with us since mid April and we believe it is ready to go off and start settling into its new home with you!