Stem Cutting Variegated Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Stem Cutting Variegated Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


The plant seen in the photo is the plant you will get when purchasing from this listing

  • How long have we had this plant?

    Here at Perky Plants, we want to be open and honest about how long our plants are with us before they move on.

    We keep all of our plants for atleast 4 weeks after they arrive with us.

    This gives the plant time to settle into life in the UK, to settle into its new pot and substrate, to acclimate to a similar environment it will be in once it arrives with you.

    Some plants hang out here with us for longer than 4 weeks, if a plant isnt ready to move on we're not going list it on our site!

    This Variegated ZZ is cut from a plant that has been with us since mid Apirl and we believe it is ready to go off and start settling into its new home with you!

  • The plant

    This is a listing for a stem cutting with a single leaf attached.

    Please only purchase if you feel confident to root this propagation and prepared to wait for the time it takes for this propagation to turn into a plant (these are quite slow growers!), or if you like a challenge!

    Stem propagations for ZZ plants are often more successful than leaf cuttings.